Student Body and Class Election results are in

March 27, 2005 Posted By Ashley Maden

The results are in! Would you like to know who the student body and class officers are for the 2005-2006 school year? If so, keep reading on. There weren’t as many spaces to fill as candidates for the election so there was competition for the spot of an officer.

First, the students attended an informational meeting in Mrs. Grady’s room at lunch sometime last month. At that meeting, the students that were planning on running for an office received information about the jobs of the offices that they planned on running for. Some students didn’t know what they were running for yet at the meeting. One week after the first meeting in Mrs. Grady’s room there was a mandatory meeting, again in Mrs. Grady’s room in which the students were required to know which office they were running for.

There were some offices that didn’t have anybody running yet, but Mrs. Grady soon found worthy candidates that were excited to run for an office. The students were to write a speech to give to either their class if they were running for a class office or the whole school if they were running for a student body office. There was an application that was to be filled out and turned in before the day of the elections.

On the stressful Election Day that faced the candidates, each class was to go into the gym to listen to the candidates give their speeches and vote on their class officers and their student body officers for next year. In the afternoon of their speech day, the candidates had an interview consisting of a small group of teachers who would score them on how they answered questions on the spot, of course the students were given time to think. The students weren’t told until the next day what the results of the election were. The students were called in at 9:30 a.m. To hear the results personally before they announced it to the whole school.

And the results of the 2005 class and student body elections are as follows.

For the sophomore class officers Kyle Jones was elected sophomore class president, Stacia Pederson was marked sophomore class vice president, and Milo Kennedy was crowned class secretary/treasurer.

For the junior class officers, Austin Mayo was awarded president, Cristin Flodman was voted vice president, and Jessica Morton will be serving as the junior secretary/treasurer. For the seniors, Dan Domingo will be the president, Annie Myers the vice president, and Stacey Cerri will be serving as their secretary/treasurer.

And finally, for student body, Louis Mendiola will be the student body president, Ellie Sandoval will have the pleasure of being vice president, Jessell Owens will serve as Student body secretary, and Heather Boni will be the 2005-2006-student body treasurer.

After the elections, Louis Mendiola remarked, “I look forward to working with the diversity of students and have high hopes for the 2005-2006 school year here at Lowry”.

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