Student of the Week: Valeria Valdez Rios

Student of the Week: Valeria Valdez Rios

By Danielle Scott and Allison Green Posted October 7, 2021

Valeria Valdez was chosen as French Student of the Week by Mrs. Marie Jeanne Dawson. Valdez is an exceptional person and student who always goes above the standards.

“She works with people well, she participates in class lectures and she just allows everyone in class to feel safe,” said Dawson.

The outstanding writing skills and a great understanding of the effort she needs to put into the class are apparent.

“Val is an exceptional writer so when she writes it from the heart she is very insightful so I love reading any of her essays because she really understands how to dive deep into a topic,” said Dawson.

Valdez is a diligent student who spent all four of her years at Lowry High with the same French class. Being student of the week is a privilege that she wears with pride.

“It’s not only a French class, it’s a community of people that I love to be with, another form of a family,” said Valdez.

It is important to take inspiration from the people around you, it’s just what makes life easier knowing that you can rely on the people in your life no matter the role they play.

“The people you spend the next four years with are going to be the people that care about you the most,” said Valdez. “I have spent four years with my class and Mrs. Dawson and I definitely didn’t think I would care about them as much as I do.”

According to Valdez, French is a class that tests your patience and elevates your capabilities. It may be the road less traveled but it’s one that is worthwhile.

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