Student officer election results

By Shanel Brown Posted February 26, 2009

Elections began with an informational meeting on January 31. From there on people began signing up for Student Body and Class positions until the last day February 3. Campaigning began the next day and ended February 13. Speeches were given on February 17 and the voting took place on the same day. February 18 the election results were announced and then a meeting was held on February 23 for all those going to the State Student Council Conference in March.

There are five Student Body Offices and three Class Offices per class at Lowry. By February 3rd Brad Pearce and Andrea Vaca were running for Student Body President, Oscar Gonzalez was running unopposed for Student Body Vice President, Alicia Kelly ran for Student Body Secretary, Shanel Brown ran for Student Body Treasurer and for Student Body Historian Brandi Brooks ran unopposed. For Senior Class President Skylar Estes ran and Amaya Drake ran for Senior Class Vice President. For Junior Class Luis Gutierrez ran for President unopposed, Arline Franco and Gaudy Castaneda ran for Vice President, and Kailynn Winheim ran unopposed for Class Secretary/ Treasurer. Chase Estes ran for Sophomore Class President, Megan Guild and Jacob Carver for Sophomore Class Vice President and Tyler Duran ran for Sophomore Class Secretary/ Treasurer. For the incoming Freshman Class, Whitney Waller ran for President, Jordan Thomas ran for Vice President and Sarah Gillespie ran for Secretary/ Treasurer.

What’s the difference between Student Body and Class Offices? Well, to run for Student Body President or Vice President, one must currently be a junior, and to run for Student Body Secretary, Treasurer, or Historian one must currently be a sophomore or junior. Also to run for a Student Body position one must serve one year in the Leadership Class. To be a Class Officer one does not need to be in Leadership and they can run for their own class president. Other requirements for running for both Student Body and Class are: one must currently have a 2.5 GPA and maintain it throughout the following school year, one must be enrolled in Leadership the year they are in office, one must be a full student at Lowry (on campus), and one must agree and adhere to the LHSLC Code of Conduct.

Your Lowry High School 2009- 2010 Student Body President is Andrea Vaca, Student Body Vice President is Oscar Gonzalez, Student Body Treasurer is Shanel Brown, Student Body Secretary is Alicia Kelly, and your Student Body Historian is Brandi Brooks. Senior Class Officers are Skylar Estes for President, Amaya Drake for Vice President and Brad Pearce for Secretary/ Treasurer. Junior Class Officers are Luis Gutierrez for President, Gaudy Castaneda for Vice President and Kailynn Winheim for Secretary/ Treasurer. Sophomore Class Officers are Chase Estes for President, Meagan Guild for Vice President and Tyler Duran for Secretary/ Treasurer. Your Freshman Class President is Whitney Waller, Vice President is Jordan Thomas, and Secretary/ Treasurer is Sarah Gillespie. Great Job Guys

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