Student petition seeks to change Lowry parking

Student petition seeks to change Lowry parking

By Camille Lyon Posted December 16, 2009

Some students look at the parking with a negative outlook. Since the parking change took effect in 2006, many have been criticizing the new layout. Many may not know that the parking plan was enacted because of an overall safety issue.

Students have been taking a proactive step forward in changing the parking for future classes. There are some students who have started petitions and asked to present their argument at a school board meeting.

Brad Pearce is one of the students who are trying to propose a change. He proposed to have a senior lot be put back in place.

“As seniors we have no privileges,” said Pearce, “it would be nice to have our own parking lot.”

Pearce attempted to take his argument to the school board, but at this time they believe that the current policy and traffic flow is effective and in the best interest of student safety. His proposal was denied.

Seniors argue that the senior parking lot is a great fundraiser for the senior class.

“We need the funds,” said senior Courtney Hammon.

“It is my understanding that the police department is very happy with the decrease in the number of accidents,” said Mrs. Debbie Watts.

Students parking on Granada street and vacant lots. /Camille Lyon • The Brand
Students parking on Granada street and vacant lots. /Camille Lyon • The Brand

The parking may be a hassle now, but do realize it is only a three-year-old plan. According to the new traffic flow of the current plan, everyone is safer. Overall Mrs. Watts appreciates the safety aspect of the current parking plan.

Many students choose not to park in the student section dirt lot because it is a hassle being in a congested lot. Students with nice cars are concerned with the condition of their car if they decide to park in the lot. Students either choose to park in the lot, up Kluncy Canyon or on Granada Street, or in the authorized personnel lots that are reserved for staff and visitors only.

Many students feel they would be more likely to park in the student lot if it were paved and painted, but many do not understand the funding it would need. The school board has looked into paving the student lot, but with the current budget cuts, it was not a top priority. In order to pave the lot, there has to be a drainage plan, and the school board is focusing on other issues.

“It was very expensive,” said Watts, “I understand the drainage may be the most expensive part.”

With all of the criticism towards parking Watts is sympathetic with the students. “I am open for suggestions,” said Watts.

There may be a more agreeable plan for parking that might appease some students, but until that plan is proposed, there will be no current change. The school is content with the parking now and there are no plans to change it, but the administration is open to suggestions because the overall negative attitude towards parking is apparent. Even though the senior parking lot proposal was denied for discussion at the school board meeting, the Superintendent, Vice Superintendent, Watts, and the senior class are going to meet and discuss the concern with the funds for the senior class.

Watts realizes that not everything is solved, but she doesn’t know what the solution may be. “I am willing to listen to the students,” said Watts.

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