Student poetry submissions

Student poetry submissions

By Lilly Moravec, Miranda Lausch, Ari Saunders Posted December 12, 2012

The Gears of Winter
By Lilly Moravec

Keep the gears of life turning…

Time is kept and winter comes
Nothing will grow
Rusting within
Letting us know that it shall snow

A new earth shall be upon the ground
But there is just no sound

The season takes care, making anew
A beautiful stillness
Skies at night such a gorgeous baby blue
Snow melts, the world wishes to grow, the earth she warms

Clink, clank, can you hear that?
Clink, clank, can you feel that?

The sound of ticking, the drop of its hand…
The gears unlock…her inner workings that of a clock…

The clock keeps time, rust crumbles away
At the sound of a chime, the gears turn away

What is it like?
By Miranda Lausch

Tell me what it’s like,
To be the same as you.
To have emotions and a heart,
With nothing else to do.
Do you love someone?
And more than just care?
Unlike me and my acquaintances,
Who wouldn’t even dare?
How does it feel?
To be welcomed and praised?
While I stand watching,
Lost in such a daze.
What is it like?
To be just like you?
Although, on the inside,
I know nothing’s true.

You Found Me
By Ari Saunders

You finally found me,
so you do see,
me in the shadows,
lurking in the dark,
looking for love,
you finally came,
you sparked a flame,
in my heart…