Swim Preview

Swim Preview

By Hayley Goldblatt Posted March 19, 2012

The sky is tinged with purples and blues as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon. A lone swimmer standing on the shore watches it as it vanishes and sits on the sand, waiting for it to return. A swimmer’s life is all about the water. And this year, Lowry’s swim team is ready to go for its first meet on March 9 at Reed High School.

The head coach, Mike Owens, has 37 combined swimmers on both teams. Several of the swimmers have returned to take place on the whitewater racing team again. The assistant coaches are Julie Street, Brandon O’Connell and Fleur Jensen. They have all worked hard to get the team ready for its first meet of the season, which will be held at Reed High School.

Jake Schmidt, a sophomore, commented “This season is looking bright. We have a few newcomers that look promising.”

Parents who want to come are asked to bring their own chairs since there will be six other schools competing.

On the team this year are seniors Rebecca Barber, Patricia Bates, Johana Christensen, Jerrica Hansen, Kristie Kloeppel, Kinzie McClintick, Jillian Pfarr, Olivia Snow, Gregory Forney, Jessie Pate, Joseph Schmidt and Dusty Thiede. Juniors on the team are Alexandria Childs, Tori Echeverria, Rachel French, Eva Mercado, Trystan Blouir, Rechab Dowding, Michael Drake, Dakota Flanagan, Alexander Jackson, Jeremiah Maestrejuan, and Matthew Ruehl. Sophomores on the team are Karen Esparza, Jessica Jenson, Shailey Lara, Wyatt Lester, Jiovanni Madrid, Dain Maher, and Jacob Schmidt. Lastly, the freshmen on the team are Abby Flores, Sabrina Jenson, Emma Kracaw, Cecily Snow, Leonardo Avila, Bradley Schmidt and Tristen Waller.

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