The highs and lows of the Lady Bucks’ season

The highs and lows of the Lady Bucks’ season

By Luz Magaña Posted December 12, 2021

The varsity girls put hard work and dedication into their 2021-2022 season. This year the girls got a new coach, Mrs. Cristina Cuevas, this was exciting for them as they were ready to see what they could accomplish with her as their coach.

There were many ups and downs within the season but one of their highlights was finally beating one of their biggest rivals.

“The best one was finally beating Fallon, at home with a hat trick scored by me,” said senior Elizabeth Aguilar.
But with highlights come lowlights.

“We lost our game against Dayton,” said goalkeeper Abigail Magaña. “Although we only lost 3-1 it was hard because of the fact that we had not mentally and physically prepared.”

It was a hard match, but they know what they are capable of.

“We had to keep working hard to have a chance at the playoffs,” said Cuevas.

Their season went well as they did beat a lot of teams that were outside their conference.

The season was successful and they are excited for the upcoming years.