The mystery of Santa

The mystery of Santa

By Taylor LaTray  Posted December 12, 2012

Is he, or isn’t he real? Santa, or good old St. Nicholas, remains a mysterious man that many children believe bring them presents on the night before Christmas. Well, that is not the complete truth. This is the real story of Santa.

Santa hasn’t always been fat, in fact, back in the 1800’s he was a very skinny man, he didn’t even wear a red suit. It was not until the first few years of the 1800’s that Santa plumped up his size. Later in the 1800’s he adopted that good ol’ red robe. You see, it was cold back in the day and clothing designers weren’t all that creative. They wore robe like material and Nicholas had fur trim added to his to keep him warm and magnetize the ladies. It obviously worked because Mrs. Claus was the best of the best and it attracted her.

The fur trim to his coat was considered forbidden and because of this Nicholas was cursed to live in another realm where he could only enter Earth for the week of Christmas each December. Since Mrs. Claus, or originally Jessica Mary, was so bewildered by this fur trim, she too was banished. They were praised by little midgets and magical creatures in this alternate realm and St. Nicholas adopted the name of Santa.

Here’s the biggest difference between the stories you’re told, and the truth. During the week of Christmas in December Santa saddles up his magical creatures and begins his journey to the land he was exiled from, Earth. People of all ages love this week of December, it’s a time for families to bond and enjoy each others company while eating loads of food, and the best part, receiving gifts.

Nicholas wants to get revenge on each living human, but since he only has a short time the revenge is not so harsh. Now, quickly, back to reality, Santa does NOT deliver any sort of gifts to your house, that is a ridiculous myth, your parents do it. There is a reason why you never get all of the gifts you do want for Christmas, Santa gets his revenge by stealing one gift from each person. Ancestors have wanted to hide this evil secret from us and have therefore made Nicholas seem to be such an amazing jolly man. Really, he’s a stealing fraud.