The Nightmare Before Homecoming, Haunting to All

The Nightmare Before Homecoming, Haunting to All

By Ariana Perez Posted December 17, 2021

After all of the COVID restrictions, Lowry was thankfully able to have Homecoming activities, especially a Homecoming dance.

This year was different since we weren’t able to have Powder Puff or He-man but it was still a successful week. The theme chosen was The Nightmare before Homecoming, so the students showed their school spirit during the events that took place, such as dress-up days, lunchtime activities, Pep assembly, and the Homecoming game.

The dress-up days for this homecoming were Monster Mash Monday, Terror Tuesday, Walking Bucks Wednesday, Casper’s Haunted House Thursday, and our traditional Blue and Gold Friday. These days we’re all very unique and many people dressed up with many creative outfits, Caryn Sanchez dressed up for the days and she expresses how Monster Mash Monday was her favorite dress-up day.

“The day where all the freshmen had to wear green because we were for sure the best class,” said Sanchez.

Lowry’s lunchtime activities were the Mummy Wrap down, Halloween Kahoot, and Cauldron Air Raid, Many students had their favorite lunchtime activity including Ruben Garcia who participated in all of these activities.

“The mummy wrap was a fun activity,” said Garcia. “It was my favorite one during Hoco week since it was a fun way to have a competitive class competition.”

Lowry Leadership hosted a pep assembly where they had a mini float parade as well as a game for the Homecoming candidates. Each class showed their enthusiasm as they cheered for the candidates and for the Cheer and Dance team who performed during the assembly.

Homecoming candidates for king and queen were voted on throughout the week, and the Queen and King were announced during halftime at the homecoming game. It was announced that Boni Jacinto and Hannah Whitted were the official Queen and King for Homecoming 2021.

“It was a surreal experience and the joy was so overwhelming but it felt amazing,” said Jacinto.

The festive week ended off with what most students were waiting for, A Homecoming dance which many students attended, lots of memories were made during the night. Everyone had fun and had a good time.

Lowry hopes and wishes to have more festive events in the future as fewer COVID restrictions are placed.