The perfect college for your needs: University of Nevada-Reno

The perfect college for your needs: University of Nevada-Reno

By Amy Balagna Posted December, 16, 2009

Tuition&Fees: $19,820
Min. GPA: 3.0
Ave. SAT: 1030
Ave. ACT: 22
Dorm: $8469
Enrollment: 16,663
Acceptance Rate: 88%
App. Deadline: Feb. 1 priority The University of Nevada is located in Reno, Nevada. It is the state’s leading educational institute with over 70 possible majors and has been since 1874. Located on a 290-acre campus, the university has many historic and beautiful sites.

“I think it’s beautiful. The buildings, even the new ones, are all brick and have a very classic feel. And all the trees make walking through campus nice,” said current student Jay Balagna. The Campus is also located rather close to several ski resorts. The city of Reno consists of about 400,000 people.

Students planning on enrolling to the University of Nevada must receive a 3.0 weighted GPA including four English credits, three math, three social studies and three natural science classes. However the GPA requirement can be waived if a 22 or higher on the ACT is met, or a combined verbal and math score on the SAT of 1030. Students must apply to the University by March 1, however, early application is currently taking place.

One can choose to attend any of the colleges and schools of agriculture, biotechnology and natural resources, business, education, engineering, journalism, liberal arts, medicine, science, graduate school, and the division of health sciences. With so many choices every student can find something that interests them.

Boise State University

Tuition&Fees: $15,052
Ave. GPA: 3.35
Min. SAT: 740
Min. ACT: 15
Dorm: $4742
Enrollment: 18,829
Acceptance Rate: 86%
App. Deadline: June 30

Boise State University (BSU), the home of the Broncos and the Smurf Turf, is located in Idaho’s largest city.

“I love the football games,” said Lowry graduate Hayley Noble a freshman at BSU.

To become a Bronco you will need a 15 on the ACT or a 740 on the SAT. A minimum 2.0 GPA is also required to be considered at all.

The BSU campus. /Courtesy •
The BSU campus. /Courtesy •

Non-resident tuition is $4502 for 12 credits. For a single credit, non-residents pay $80. For a double room, the rate varies from $2,284 to $3,304 and you can buy meals for a year for $2,600.

Since Boise is a decent-sized city with a metro area population of over 500,000 BSU students have many activities to keep them busy.

“Boise is a cool town too. It’s nice to have stuff to do compared to Winnemucca. There’s the art museum, the movies, downtown, hiking, those types of things,” said Noble.

BSU offers a wide range of disciplines. These range from education to engineering and business to criminal justice. To keep students on track BSU now offers a unique program called Finish in 4 Graduation Guarantee.

Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

By Camille Lyon Posted December, 16, 2009

Tuition&Fees: $34,934
Min. GPA: NA
Ave. SAT: 1220
Ave. ACT: 27
Dorm: $8,280
Enrollment: 1754
Acceptance Rate: 79%
App. Deadline: Feb. 15 priority DerRichter Pioneer Hall at Linfield.

Linfield College is a private college located in McMinnville, Oregon. It is a liberal arts, four-year school. It is one of the oldest colleges in the Pacific Northwest. It is a comprehensive learning college with a more challenging curriculum. It is often recognized for its strong teaching faculty. There is also a campus in Portland specializing in nursing and health sciences.

A building on the Linfield College campus. /Courtesy • Linfield College
A building on the Linfield College campus. /Courtesy • Linfield College

It has a very small community of students so the learning experience is personal compared to other universities where there may be 15,000 students. The school has about 1,800 students enrolled in Linfield. There are about 200 professors.

Linfield is known as a college of higher education and is more selective of its students. The school traces its roots to the Baptists in 1849 before Oregon was granted statehood, so Linfield’s religious association is Baptist.

Linfield’s sports are represented by the Wildcats. Linfield Wildcats athletics participate in the NCAA Division III Northwest Conference.

According to Linfield’s website, “The curriculum seeks to overcome intellectual provincialism, underscores the centrality of how one learns, provides a historical context, relates ideas to social structures, and affirms the importance of values in human life.”

College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID

By Savannah McDade

Posted December, 16, 2009

Tuition&Fees: $26,155
Ave GPA: 3.60
Ave. SAT: 1273
Ave. ACT: 27
Dorm: $7,200
Enrollment: 822
Acceptance Rate: 74%
App. Deadline: June 1

The College of Idaho located in Caldwell, ID near Boise. The College of Idaho (previously called Albertson College of Idaho) is a private college established in 1891. According to its website, it was recently ranked by the Princeton Review as the 20th best college in the US for “More Things to Do on Campus.” The core of the curriculum is liberal arts, meaning that the curriculum is designed for all different types of learning.

The college’s ultimate goal is to help students develop their own logical and creative abilities. Students are also required to take a physical education class which is a great attribute to this small school consisting of only about 900 students. Out of state tuition costs are roughly around $20,000 to $26,000 and for the first two years students are required to live on campus.

Joe Albisu who attended CofI said that while Idaho had a lot of great things to do outdoors, the town of Caldwell itself was kind of bland. However, “the campus seemed like a community itself.”

Albisu said the because of the liberal arts core you learn to “become a generalist as well as a specialist.”

The college schedule is unique because it has a six-week winter term between the fall and spring semesters. Many distinctive classes are offered and during that time students can study abroad, said Albisu. He also believes that you develop close friendships with the students and instructors because it is such a small campus,

“It isn’t unusual to have professors invite you over for BBQs and Christmas parties, they also would do finals breakfast where the instructors would serve you breakfast,” said Albisu.

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