The time has come for these TV shows to be canceled

The time has come for these TV shows to be canceled

By Mary Granath Posted March 3, 2010


Perhaps if “House” had kept its original cast it would have been able to keep its reputation of a witty, one of a kind, medical show. However, the new cast members simply don’t add the same kind of humor that Cameron, Chase, and Foreman were able to contribute.


Now nearing the end of its fourth season, this NBC series has been on life support almost ever since it started. Though the premise of the show is fascinating, the majority of episodes are simply confusing and boring. With all the tangled webs of plot this series has weaved, there is no way NBC will be able to resolve this series and should simply do themselves a favor and take this lame excuse for a show off the air.

“One Tree Hill”

The CW should have done everyone a solid by simply canceling “One Tree Hill” at the end of last year’s season. Without the main star, Chad Michael Murrey, the series has been experiencing a downward spiral that shows no signs of stopping. Let us hope that the show’s poor ratings have not escaped the show’s executives and that “One Tree Hill” will soon be put out of its misery.


Everyone has seen at least one episode of this series, and up until around the sixth season it was beloved by most viewers. However, as time wore on, plots became repetitive and Clark failed to mature in any way, remaining a tormented teenager well into his twenties. This CW series, now approaching the end of its ninth season, has run its course.

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