The trouble with TA’s

The trouble with TA’s

By Jessie Schirrick Posted April 17, 2012

If any upcoming juniors or seniors were planning on signing up to be a teacher’s assistant for one of their favorite teachers, they will probably be pretty disappointed to know that that option has been removed from the registration papers.

The state has ruled that being a teacher’s assistant is not a real class and that the TAs are unnecessary. Though, some teachers are very upset about this.

“I understand the necessity of having students engaged in meaningful academic activities to earn credit. However, many student aides are doing exactly that. Our aides do more than correct papers they also instruct students who need remediation and help students as they are working on assignments and labs. This allows us to give more of our students the important one-on-one assistance they need to be successful. Eliminating all student aid positions with no opportunity for recourse is a radical solution to a perceived problem that isn’t fully understood,” said science teacher, Miss Hammersmark.

Yes, there will no longer to be teacher’s assistant at Lowry but there are a wide variety of other electives available here like agriculture and Child Development. So, do keep an open mind when filling out that registration form.

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