There is something for everyone at Lowry

By Mary Granath Posted February 18, 2008

You can complain that Lowry does not have a tennis or lacrosse team, that there aren’t enough clubs, and that there isn’t anything to do in Winnemucca. However, the truth is that there are many things to get involved in at Lowry and there are many benefits that come with doing so.

Getting involved in a sport is not as hard as most believe. In fact, barely anyone is cut from a team during tryouts. Ok, so maybe you don’t make varsity, but who cares? Playing a sport is about staying active and having fun and you can do that whether you play on varsity or J.V. Lowry has a variety of sports including football, soccer, volleyball, golf, swimming, basketball, wrestling, softball, and cross country.

Another prominent feature at Lowry is its clubs. These range from math and science clubs to language clubs to Key club. Lowry has an extremely victorious Academic Challenge Team that took home the state title last year and is well on its way to doing the same this year. Or perhaps you feel you participate enough in academics at school so you’re looking for a club to just sit back and have a little fun in. If that’s the case, check out the Paintball club or the Art Club. Maybe you’re a student who has a voice and is just looking for a way to speak out. There is both a Young Democrats Club and a Young Republicans Club that are just waiting to hear your opinions.

If you feel like you’re a leader and have what it takes to take charge then maybe Teen Court is for you.

Are you involved in a sport? Then Lettermans club is an easy organization for you to join.

If you’re interested in computer and business classes or taking them, then Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an excellent choice of club for you.

There are a dozen more clubs just waiting on a horizon of opportunity. Getting involved in these clubs is a simple as showing up for a meeting. If none of these things interest you what about running for a class office? Or merely joining the Leadership class? It’s an easy way to stay involved in your class, your school, and your community. Even if you don’t want to join Leadership you can always show up for your monthly class meeting. It’s a simple way to stay aware of what’s going on in your class.

The point is that saying there’s no easy way to get involved isn’t a valid excuse. Everyone deserves a little fun. The doors of opportunity are wide open; all you have to do is walk through them.

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