Track stars Mia Hernandez and Iysis Arriola; shooting for greatness.

Track stars Mia Hernandez and Iysis Arriola; shooting for greatness.

By Alexis Galarza Posted May 5, 2021

One of Lowry’s track coaches, Maite Hernandez, has great things to say about two of her student-athletes.

“Iysis is always willing to try new events, and he’s a positive influence on the team,” said coach Hernandez

At last week’s track meet against Elko, Arriola placed first in the long jump (18’4”), making his new personal record.

Hernandez also did an exceptional job tying for first place in the pole vault 6’6”.

“Mia showed perseverance in doing two events that were being held at the same time,” said coach Hernandez.

Arriola’s favorite part of participating in track is seeing all the dedication he and his teammates put into what they want to succeed in.

Participating in track for two years has taught him that “Practice helps better prepare because the coaches know what to prepare us for,” said Arriola.

Hernandez also agrees that practice helps her better prepare for the meets. She also enjoys the environment she is surrounded by at track.

“My favorite part about track is being able to learn new events and meet new people,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez has been doing track since her freshman year, but unfortunately, her season was cut short due to COVID. This year she is getting more experience in the track world and learning to love pole vault.

“I am with an amazing group of people, and it’s my favorite event,” said Hernandez.

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