TV review: ‘Jersey Shore’ season five

By Jessie Schirrick Posted February 20, 2012

The shore is back, and it’s more GTL than ever.

The eight roommates find themselves once again back in the Shore House after spending season four in Florence, Italy. Let’s hope this time we don’t have to hear Ron and Sam’s constant bickering, right? So far any signs of trouble in paradise have gone undetected, but let’s not hold our breaths.

Snookie and Jionni seem to be going strong after their troublesome breakups in Italy that happened while Jionni was visiting. That won’t stop The Situation from bringing them down though, as he always has a scheme up his leave to cause trouble for his guidette roommate.

J-Woww and her juice-head-gorilla, Roger, are better than ever, which is no surprise considering the happily-tanned couple have never really made any waves.

Vinny had a rocky start after returning to the “motherland”, as he left the Shore House a few short days later after he claimed to be suffering from anxiety. His doting friends didn’t last long without him because they came and “kidnapped” him a week after his departure. Vinny has so far remained at the house, anxiety-free.

DJ Pauly D has managed to follow Ron’s Number One Rule: Never fall in love at the shore, and it’s safe to say that we are all relieved; our romantic-drama-tolerance levels are running dangerously low.

Deena is also living the single life, not by choice though. Meatball #2 is desperately searching for her Guido in Shining Tan Oil. She might need some luck because I’m convinced that most of the guys at Jersey Shore aren’t exactly boyfriend material.

This is turning out to be a great summer for the FTD group, as they take to the clubs at night and chill together at their house in the day, the way it should be.

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