Volleyball for Vaqueros fall short to Lady Bucks

Volleyball for Vaqueros fall short to Lady Bucks

By Calvin Connors Posted September 26, 2011

The Lowry varsity volleyball team came away with an intense win over the Fernley Vaqueros last Thursday.

The Lowry volleyball team has a new coach this season who brings intensity to the court and a positive attitude to the team.

The positive attitude and intensity inspired the girls to win against Fernley, the Bucks had an interesting match last Thursday when they visited the Fernley Vaqueros. Lowry lost the first and third games but won the second, fourth, and fifth games in a stunning fashion.

“It was crazy, everyone’s emotions were running really high,” said sophomore Ere Higbee.

Lowry took 3 of 5 games due to great team chemistry and a great positive mindset created by the team as a whole. On the other hand, in the two games Lowry lost, they weren’t on the same page with their passes and they were not being vocal, according to captain Betsy Guerrero.

The Lady Bucks face off against the Battle Mountain Longhorns on Thursday, September 23.

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