Voter registration deadline approaching: General election is November 4, 2008

By Stephanie Hageman Posted September 16, 2008

Any eligible person must register in person by October 14, 2008 to vote in the upcoming general election.

According to the office of the Nevada Secretary of State to be eligible to register to vote in the state of Nevada, you must: be at least 18 years of age, a resident of the state of Nevada for at least 30 days prior to any election, and a US Citizen. 

You are ineligible to vote if: you have been declared by a court to be mentally incompetent, or if you are a felon who has not been restored to civil rights.

Nevada residents can register to vote on college campuses, any Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles office, or at various social service agencies. Online registering is not an option, as it is not provided by Nevada law. However, a copy of the federal voter registration application is available online at 

An individual would need to update their registration is if there is a change in the current information. Including a change in physical address, name, or party affiliation.

More information can be found at

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