W2W: The NFL Draft

W2W: The NFL Draft

By Nic Velasquez Posted March 15, 2012

Sometimes in the NFL all of the things that happen before the season takes place can be more exciting than the actual season itself. The 2012 NFL draft will take place on April 26-28. The possibility of your team drafting a few potential stars, or potential busts keeps the whole event have a very exciting feel to it. The future of your favorite team can be decided in the 2012 NFL draft.

The most exciting thing that will happen this year is to see who the Indianapolis Colts will choose with the first pick. It will be a quarterback but the question is: Which quarterback will it be? Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck seems like the perfect replacement for recent franchise quarterback Peyton Manning. However, there is a contender that was the recipient of the Heisman trophy; Robert Griffin III. Griffin is a complete player that has a great arm as well as exquisite running capabilities. The decision will be interesting; both QBs could be starters for a long time in the NFL.

Within every position, there are a couple other prospects to keep your eye out for. A few game changers that will have a big impact on the league have risen. Trent Richardson from Alabama is a strong running back that can put up big numbers. He ran for about 1,800 yards last season but is improving each day. 

Oklahoma State has a star wide receiver by the name of Justin Blackmon. Blackmon is big receiver standing at 6’1”, 220 lbs. He is a big and strong type of receiver like Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson. A year being around veteran coaches and receivers will incline Blackmon to be a productive and consistent receiver.

On draft day you will know if your team has made wise decisions, or if they missed the chance to get a future star. Be sure to tune in if you are an absolute fan of the NFL.

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