W2W: “The Vow”

W2W: “The Vow”

By Taylor LaTray Posted March 15, 2012

The new movie “The Vow” took movie theaters with a storm when it was released to the public on February 10. Inspired by a true story, Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum star in a romantic film where a newly wedded couple is involved in a car accident where the wife receives a coma. With memory loss, she wakes up and her husband must win her heart again.

“Destined to be a romantic classic,” said Paige Wiser of ABC Chicago.

Many men will be dragged to see this movie by their lovers as it comes out. The film directed by Michael Sucsy received $11.6M on Valentines alone; setting a box office record for most views on a non-weekend day.

“Romantic… and Steamy!” said Mose Persico of CTV Montreal.

“The Vow” is a must-see movie for all couples. According to FOX, this movie will inspire you no matter who you may be. It is currently not able to view in Winnemucca, but when available, it’s definitely a must-see. I recommend this movie greatly to any girl or a couple who needs some inspiration.

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