Ways to improve your GPA

By Mary Granath Posted April 28, 2010

In high school teens tend to let their GPA slip, especially in their first two years. A student’s GPA is hard to bring up but not impossible. There are numerous different techniques students can apply to increase GPA.

The easiest way to raise a GPA is simply by applying smart studying methods. Many teens may receive good grades on open book assignments, but when it comes to tests students find it much more difficult to earn an acceptable grade. Using flashcards is a study technique that has been used since kindergarten and the reason for this is because it’s effective. It may seem juvenile but making ten flashcards to help you study for a test may yield the results you are looking for.

Some students find writing papers especially difficult, however, most teachers make those assignments worth more than any other. For students who have trouble writing a paper, you should seek help from your teacher. Show them rough drafts of the paper to see if it is heading in the right direction and if they have any tips for you.

Staying on top of your homework is a vital factor in maintaining GPA. Make sure that you receive makeup work before you leave so you can keep track of everything you need to have turned in when you get back. Also, complete worksheets the same day as the lecture when the information is fresh in your mind.

You may think that bringing up your GPA is impossible, but don’t give up. It may be more work than you’re used to but don’t give up. Raising your GPA is an attainable goal if you put your mind to it.

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