Welding students earn welding certifications in Reno

Welding students earn welding certifications in Reno

By Juliana Blatzheim Posted November 11, 2022

On October 22 and 23, seven advanced welding students were given the opportunity to participate in a welding qualification seminar. In the certification process, the welders had to weld a medal that passed the certification standards. To get to a final product, the process takes multiple welds.

“After the first [weld], it gets pretty hard,” said Brenton Baker. “Each weld has to be the same length and has to touch each side of the wall adequately along the certification plate.”

Once the welding students finished their welds, they had to pass a bend test. This is a quality check that welders must pass in order to earn their certification.

“[I]f there is not any slag or cracks then we have officially passed our certification test and can move on to future certifications,” said Isaac Danner.

All seven students that participated in the seminar walked away with a certification, which will help them greatly in their future careers in welding. Congratulations to the following students on their certifications: Isaac Danner, Colton Hunt, Kaid Sanchez, Brenton Baker, Travis Urain, Tesa Urrutia, and Jack Delong.