What to watch: Sports

By Justin Albright Posted February 10, 2012

Duke Blue Devils #5 (18-3) vs. North Carolina Tar Heels #7 (18-3)
On February 8, the most historic rivalry in college basketball is back in action as the Tar Heels travel to Durham to face off against the Blue Devils. This is without a doubt going to be a great game as numerous NBA talent is on the court such as Harrison Barnes, a forward for the Tar Heels who is a very solid player. Duke is led by stellar freshman, Austin Rivers who is the son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

Duke is going to win this game because Coach K is going to have a perfect game plan to stop Barnes in his tracks. Austin Rivers is going to have a big game because he isn’t afraid of the bright lights that this game has.

Frankie Edgar #5(14-1-1) vs. Benson Henderson #4(14-2-0)
On February 25, Frankie Edgar faces off against Benson Henderson. Edgar is going to win this fight for many reasons. Edgar is way faster than Henderson and he’ll last all five rounds moving at the same speed with ease. Edgar is a very fundamental and technical striker.

Edgar has shown in previous fights that he can beat any champion and many of the tougher opponents that show up.

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