Who’s playing if it’s not soccer season?

Who’s playing if it’s not soccer season?

By Araceli Galarza Posted March 19, 2021

COVID has caused quite a stir. No one has been sure what life would be like. Due to this sports got pushed back, this is great but it can cause some difficulties for those who are used to playing in warmer weather.

Alex Ruiz a senior explains some of the difficulties that are caused by the weather. He also explains that with new faces it’s difficult to find where everyone fits in.

“The weather is definitely the hardest part,” said Ruiz. “There’s a lot more wind than usual and the snow interrupts our practices at times. We have a lot of new guys playing varsity this year. Mainly everyone has been moved around to different positions, to see what is working best for the team.”

The varsity boys tackled Elko and after a good game ended up losing 2-0. Ruiz says it was just the luck of the draw and explains some of the problems that the boys ran into.

“Last game was against Elko,” said Ruiz. “Score 2-0, they had one good shot and their second goal was a penalty shot it. I think that overall we played really good that game. Our passes were really good and effective. It was just that no one could score. We had many opportunities to shoot on the goal but the ball just didn’t fall in.”

Bad luck and weather aren’t the only problems that the boys have to worry about. With COVID there are a lot of other things to make sure of according to junior Johan Silva.

“One of the most difficult parts of our practices is being able to communicate with each other when we do drills or scrimmage against each other,” said Silva. “I have also needed to adapt to the new rules. I needed to adapt to COVID restrictions was to always carry a mask wherever I go like to practices or games.”

Silva inspires to play professionally a dream that many on the team share. He has been putting in extra work during practices with the drills as well as away from school.

“My personal goal is to go to a college that will give me an opportunity to play soccer and then later on become a professional soccer player,” said Silva. “I’m working to achieve this by getting good grades and I started to workout so I could get the best shape I ever been to achieve my goal. During practice, I also focus on my favorite technique. I like defending because that is one of the best things that I’m good at and I want to improve upon more.”

As a team, Christian Cuevas is proud. He has been named one of the three varsity captains. Being a captain isn’t always easy. Christian is always aware of what’s going on in order to help better lead the team. He’s proud that the team can look up to him.

“As captain, I make sure everybody is doing their job, help them understand what they should do in certain situations, and just take control,” said Cuevas. “I was super excited when I was chosen to be the captain of the team, you are one of the people the team looks up to and trusts the most, so it was definitely an honor to be one of the captains of the varsity team.”

Cuevas, along with the rest of the team, is thankful for even a small season despite feeling like he missed out. He has overcome the difficulties and has continued moving forward.

“I do feel like I missed out, however being able to play this short season still has been fun and it’s better than nothing,” said Cuevas. “Adjusting to these restrictions was very tough in the beginning because there wasn’t a whole lot we could do but now it’s gotten easier.”

The boys will play again in Fernley on March 19.

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