Winterfest 2012 filled with fun for all

Winterfest 2012 filled with fun for all

By Kevin Boyle, Justin Albright, Trenton Smith & Wyatt Lester Posted February 15, 2012

This Winterfest was full of fun activities and some colorful candidates that made this year one to remember.

On February 6, Lowry started off the week with its first Pep Assembly of Winterfest Week. The Winterfest royalty candidates were introduced and the girl candidates are Kayla Doyle, Betsy Guerrero, and Madi Gonzalez, for the male candidates, Fernando Herrera, Jonathan Landa, and Johnny Hernandez.

The dancing competition was fun for all as Doyle and Hernandez walked off with a win. Gonzalez and Landa came in a close second place. Herrera and Guerrero came in last place, mainly because they didn’t even dance.

The lunchtime activities this week consisted of five days of trivia competition.

First of all, the competition did not have actual buzzers, therefore, the players had to use an unusual type of “buzzing in;” the faculty used an old bell that had its own hammer, the freshman used a little chew toy-type squeaker, the seniors used the kind of bell and the sophomores had to use the kind of bells that the charity Santa’s shake during Christmas. The junior class was not represented.

Alec Mayo said that the competition “was rigged.” He said, “The seniors were supposed to win that whole time.” Brooks said, “It was booty. It was freaking booty.” Don’t ask me what the means. Ask Eric Brooks. On day two of the “Battle of the Bucks,” the organizers tried to bring in a buzzer system, however, a slight problem with the buzzer system made sure that the participants would still have to use the same bells and squeakers from day one.

For Wednesday’s activity, the sophomores were a no-show but there was still plenty of competition at each table. The faculty had Mr. Setzer, Mrs. James, and Mr. Jeppsen on their team which was quite the group of wits. The juniors showed some brains also but the freshmen were catching up with some quick answering skills. The match ended with some fine bell ringing skills by the seniors but the battle was won by the faculty. The overall winner was to be decided at the end of the week but the faculty is tough to beat.

Friday’s lunch time activity was a nail biter as the faculty, seniors, and sophomores went head to head in a game show. Representing the faculty was Mrs. Kerns. Tyler Duran, Cameron Echave, and Andy Martinez were part of the senior team, and Joseba Criswell was the lone wolf for the sophomore team. The freshmen and the juniors did not show up for this event.

Friday’s Assembly was the last before the dance and Landa and Guerrero were crowned king and queen.

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