Athlete of the Issue: Johan Silva

Athlete of the Issue: Johan Silva

By Ivy Kidd Posted December 17, 2021

Johan Silva, a student at Lowry High School, takes part in boy’s varsity soccer and has been playing since the age of four. He enjoys being part of a team and looks forward to seeing what the future has in store for him.

His excellence in soccer has definitely come from his several years of practice.

He has played soccer for 13 years. Silva wants to keep pursuing his passion in soccer, he wants to get a scholarship for soccer and business after high school. However, he has not decided on a school or location.

Silva likes being part of a team and playing around with his buddies during practice.

Silva likes to mess around but can be focused and have his head in the game when needed.

“We try to mess around during practice, but will take it seriously,” said Silva.

So far this year he is playing center back and all three midfield positions. The team is learning from their mistakes to improve, and overall works really well together as a supportive team.

Every athlete’s career has some high points and Silva is no different. Both he and the team enjoyed success his sophomore year.

“Sophomore year we went to the playoffs and I made 2nd team for state and 1st-team for the league,” said Silva.
Silva’s skills have impressed his current coach Steve Swanson.

Coach Swanson, Silva and his teammates work together to have fun and work hard.

Johan Silva in a game against Dayton./ Alexis Galarza • The Brand
Johan Silva in a game against Dayton./ Alexis Galarza • The Brand

”He is the most focused, intent, and aggressive player I have ever coached,” said Swanson.

However, all competitors go through times that are a struggle. For Silva, this motivated him to get better.

“I was benched when I was younger,” said Silva. “[It] Motivated me by working hard and practicing my skills.”

One of his greatest influences has been his family, but his father in particular. He and his family enjoy playing and watching soccer. When Johan first started playing soccer he said he felt so passionate he wanted to keep playing.

“My dad influenced me to play soccer, he decided that I should join a team and play for them and I did and that’s when I fell in love with soccer,” said Silva.