Raymond Arnold Hooft

Raymond Arnold Hooft

Born: October 28, 1929
Died: March 8, 1948
Parents: Willem and Gertje Hooft
Siblings: Albert, William, Agnes and Dorothy

Raymond attended Humboldt County High School as a member of the class of 1948. As a three sport
athlete, he excelled in football, basketball and track. He was the junior class president, Pep Club
President, Music Club President, Secretary-Treasurer of Block W and Student Body President.

In 1947 he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in his leg. In March of 1947, during his junior
year in high school, doctors at Salt Lake City’s LDS hospital amputated his leg. He sent his classmates a
note of thanks for their letters and well wishes and wrote,” I was in the operating room for about 2 1⁄2
hours yesterday. When I woke up I was a one-legged Dutchman. They amputated my right leg just
above the knee.”

Raymond returned to H.C.H.S. but was later hospitalized in Salt Lake City again, where he succumbed
to the spread of cancer on March 8. 1948.

Funeral Services were held in Salt Lake City at a family plot and a memorial service was held at
Humboldt County High School. Burial followed at a family plot in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

The 1948 Winnada yearbook was dedicated to Raymond by his classmate:
“To the students and faculty, Ray stood for the cleanest in actions and sports. To all who know and loved him, Ray will always remain, and his spirit will ever be present in the halls of H.C.H.S. Therefore in memory of Ray Hooft, we dedicate this 1948 Winnada.”

The class of 1948 also initiated an athletic award which has been given each year to recognize the
outstanding athlete of each graduating class.