Most embarrassing moments

Most embarrassing moments

By Alexa Toscano Posted June 6, 2024

By spending four years of your life at Lowry you’re certain to make memorable memories, however, sometimes the most memorable ones are also the embarrassing ones that some would rather forget. The class of 2024 is leaving but not without having any embarrassing moments that they’ll remember years after graduation.

Senior Renato Ulloa Solis moment was one that most people dread.

“There was this one time I was asking out this girl and everyone was looking at us even Mr. Sagers and she just left,” said Ulloa Solis.

Falling down around campus is a moment they’d rather forget. For Rosie Chavez, this was the case.

“While leaving Mrs. Mattson’s room my junior year there was snow and ice covering the school I had to walk down the hill and I was messing around and ate it all the way down,” said Chavez. “My jeans were soaked I was soaked and everyone saw and I had to wait in the office until my dad came and gave me a pair of sweats to change into.”

Taking a fall during school hours has had lots of victims including Hayli Roberts.

”My most embarrassing moment was when I fell in the mud and had mud all over my butt,” said Roberts.

The school’s third victim was Kasyn Garner.

“When I would fall on the hill when it snowed,” said Garner.

Marcas Ricci’s moment happened during the final tournament of his high school career “Probably when I didn’t make it to state my senior year because everybody was expecting me to go,” said Ricci.

For Tayden it was showing up with a new injury almost daily.

“Definitely showing up injured all of the time,” said Primeaux.

For Sasha Contreras, hers happened after a fashion change.

“When I Bleached and cut my hair and it looked really horrible and I had to continue going to school like that,” said Contreras.