Athlete of the Issue: Kenzi Dowd

Athlete of the Issue: Kenzi Dowd

By Hayden Case Posted March 4, 2022

Kenzie Dowd is a local senior you can find anywhere around town, she is determined and always encouraging according to her varsity soccer it only makes sense she was selected Athlete of the Issue. Dowd plays soccer and softball, she participated in other sports but narrowed her interests as she entered high school.

“I used to cheer but I stopped because it didn’t suit me and there was a lot of drama,” said Dowd. “I also played basketball but stopped when I got up to high school because I just wasn’t that good.”

Along with sports and practicing in her off-season, Dowd enjoys hanging out with her friends.

“I like to in my free time, going to hang out with my friends and drive around for a little while or I stay home and watch movies,” said Dowd.

Dowd balances her time efficiently between her friends, sports, and school. She plans to enter into criminal justice when she graduates but is not sure what area. Dowd became interested in criminal justice because she enjoys the idea of being able to piece together a puzzle. She enjoys sports because they have prepared her to move on in life and make the step to college.

“Sports have taught me to work with other people and that making mistakes is okay, just don’t make it a habit,” said Dowd. ‘They also taught me to have more of an open mind which helps in a lot of aspects.”

Kenzi plays sports because of the friendships and connections that she is able to make while having fun and staying busy. Coach Mayo further explains that Dowd is a hard-working athlete. She has played since she was five and as many players on her team look up to her she is able to offer insight to help.

“Some tips I have for other athletes is just to go out there and have fun with what you’re doing, it makes it so much more enjoyable than being hard on yourself 24/7,” said Dowd. “You’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay.”

Kenzi Dowd races for home. /Alexis Galarza • The Brand
Kenzi Dowd races for home. /Alexis Galarza • The Brand

This mentality and work ethic are not only admired by her fellow players but coaches as well. Varsity softball coach Austin Mayo touches on Dowd’s impressive work.

“Dowd is a great player to have on your team, when she plays you can tell she is having fun and wants to be there,” said Mayo. “She is full of enthusiasm and any coach to have her is lucky.”