Athlete of the Issue: McKenzi Petersen

Athlete of the Issue: McKenzi Petersen

By Kailey Franklin Posted December 17, 2021

McKenzi Petersen who is widely known at Lowry as “Moe” is one of the few athletes chosen to be honored for this issue. She participates in three Varsity sports including Basketball, Volleyball, and track.

Petersen made varsity basketball as a sophomore. She is also a team captain of the volleyball team.

“My favorite thing about being part of Lowry athletics is most definitely the excitement, drive, and competitiveness that there is,” said Peterson. “The school spirit is amazing, Lowry wants to win.”

The community of Winnemucca has provided opportunities for athletes to play sports at a young age.

“I have been playing basketball for about eight years now,” Petersen said. “I have played volleyball for five years and track for six years.”

Many kids participate in community sports at a young age. Petersen was one of the many.

“The first time I ever played a sport was when I signed up to play city league basketball in the 3rd grade, I grew up on basketball,” Petersen stated. “I played only basketball until other sports became available, so then I started to play volleyball and track. This is when I became a 3-sport athlete, and it’s great.”

“I enjoy volleyball the most,” Peterson said. “I love the game, and everything about it, I often find myself dreaming about the sport at night.”

McKenzi Petersen serves against Fernleyt./ Ron Espinola • The Brand
McKenzi Petersen serves against Fernley./ Ron Espinola • The Brand

Peterson always wants to play and find ways to improve herself in any aspect. She does this so she can be successful in achieving her dream of playing in college.

Petersen is driving to continue her volleyball career throughout college.

In 2020, her sophomore year, Petersen played varsity basketball at the Northern 3A regionals. She continued to play in the game through a recovering rolled ankle. She was a leader on her team and played a vital role in the game. As an athlete, she pushed through the pain and was able to lead her teammates and play one of her best career games.

Athletics consume a lot of her time. She maintains good grades throughout sports, and she even helps out on her grandparent’s farm. Petersen also has a part-time job at the Boys and Girls Club where she helps to teach the youth of Winnemucca.

“There is never an off-season, but that is what makes it such an amazing experience, full of memories that I will never forget,” said Petersen.