Break the mold because we are as good as gold

Break the mold because we are as good as gold

By Kailey Franklin and Otila Castaneda Posted June 8, 2023

Class of 2023,

From learning our ABCs to learning the fundamentals of writing a research paper and learning complex math, we have done it all together. We went from playing tag on the playground together to figuring out our future career paths. We wished time would fly by so we could have the freedom of being in high school, to drive where we want, be with who we want, and do what we want. But now that the time is here we wish it would slow down.

As we graduate high school and we go our separate ways, we must remember where we came from and who we are. We are the Buckaroos from Lowry High School.

Whether we were a Grass Valley Super Kid, Sonoma Tiger, or a Grammar School Frog, we all became a French Ford Falcon, a Warrior, and eventually a Buckaroo. Being a Buckaroo means so many things.

“Being a buckaroo means a lot of things, but to me, it means being a part of something bigger,” said Callie Lombardi.

We have shared so many memories together after growing up in the same community for the last thirteen years.

“My favorite memory from high school was making friends like Jace and Robert and playing ball with them before school,” said Carlos Aguilar.

As we entered the walls of the high school as little intimidated freshmen we began to find our clicks and where we belonged. Now as we exit this school we will take the growth we made with us. We will forever be a core memory of the best years of each other’s lives.

Each and every one of our futures looks very different but each one is bright. We will end up in different places on the map with different jobs, hobbies, and families but we will still be able to tell others about our time as a Lowry Buckaroo.

“In the next ten years I see myself owning my own clothing store and traveling around the world,” said Jada Matheny.

“In twenty years I see myself being a lawyer or being in the FBI and absolutely living my best life,” said Gracie Marchand.

“In my future, I want to be a successful restaurant owner and chef,” said Wade Mori.

“My future plan is going to TMCC to get a degree in business and office management,” said Victorya Murillo. “I’m going into Human Resources.”

“I plan on making money to move out of town. I want to move back to Vegas and will probably go into Real Estate,” said Josh Burgos.

“I want to be a welder for Carry On Trailers and get enough experience for the mines,” said Kenneth Reese.

“It was our last game of the season against Elko,” said Abby Magana. “I blocked three shots in a row and we tied the game but just to have that moment with friends I care about, and the energy during that time was an all-time high.”

We, as Buckaroos, have been guided throughout our lives in order to have a successful future. It is now up to us to make it happen. We have reached the finish line. We will walk across the stage on graduation night and receive the diploma that will close this chapter of our lives and open a new door that has so many possibilities and adventures that await us.

“I’m most nervous about walking the stage because I feel like I’m going to fall,” said Marquette Cassinelli.
The stairs seem to be the biggest obstacle for the seniors.

“I am nervous to fall down the stairs at the end,” said Kaden Quintal.

We will all wish each other the best of luck in whatever the future holds and we will now get to watch each other grow and succeed.

“We are a class full of ambition. We have accomplished so much this far,” said Ruben Garcia. “Go out into the world and accomplish everything you aspire to do. Nothing is impossible.”

So, Class of 2023, good luck. Make Lowry and each other proud and carry pride with you wherever you go and succeed in whatever you decide to do but always remember the days of being a Lowry Buckaroo.