Coach of the Year: Cristina Cuevas

Coach of the Year: Cristina Cuevas

By Luz Magaña Posted June 6, 2024

Cristina Cuevas was chosen to be Coach of the Year for 2024. Cuevas was the new varsity coach for the 2023-2024 varsity boys soccer season and had an overall successful season.

“The season turned out better than many thought was possible with a new coach and being women coaching boys, but I have to say my biggest success was seeing how coachable the boys became and the respect I was given by them,” said Cuevas. “That our attendance was up and our boys’ grades were up as well, that to me is worth more than a game won”

Being a coach in a position where the players are in desperate need of support and a good mentor, Cuevas came in and made sure that her players were conditioned to what she wanted them to be.

“I truly try to hold my boys to high stands and appreciate the opportunity given or in front of them,” said Cuevas.

This was reflected throughout the season and led to more wins and better team collaboration.

Cuevas was born and raised in Winnemucca where she worked in the car business for 12 years until she decided to come back to the school district and has been here for over seven years. The job opportunity opened and she found herself becoming the assistant coach of both of the teams. From here she went on to become the head coach for the varsity boys.

“This year compared to last year was different because we all actually bonded as a team this year,” said Jesus Guizar. “We also trained differently compared to last season which helped us win a couple more games.”

Coach Cristina Cuevas supports her athletes during the home game against West Wendover./ Olivia Espinola • The Brand
Coach Cristina Cuevas supports her athletes during the home game against West Wendover./ Olivia Espinola • The Brand

Having a passionate coach makes a lasting impact on the players and motivates them to do better for themselves as well as their coach. Being in charge of teenage boys is not an easy job, that’s why Cuevas is the perfect fit for this position conserving her motivation and inspiration towards these boys.

“Coach Cuevas has made a huge difference on the soccer team,” said Rogelio Leon. “Having a coach that pushes us and herself to become better not just at the spot but as a person. She was a great head coach, knowing how to deal with problems and knowing how to treat the team.”

After a successful year, she is hoping to keep working hard with her players and hopefully, one year, winning a state championship.

“We have a soccer camp with TMCC this summer and that will give the boys an opportunity to see what they could have if they work hard enough,” said Cuevas. “I ultimately would love to go to state but we have many baby steps ahead of us.”

Vice principal Tim Connors is proud of Cuevas’s dedication to the soccer program and how much she has improved our team and will continue to.

“Coach Cuevas came into the program built upon the boy’s soccer team legacy,” said Connors. “Her discipline, desire, and dedication led the young men into a very successful season and she will continue to build upon this program and bring it to greater heights.”