Don’t get too comfortable

Don’t get too comfortable

By Samm Sharp Posted June 4, 2020

I’m sorry to say it (no I’m not) but Winnemucca is not the place to stay. I will agree that there is a comfort in your hometown, knowing everyone and where everything is, all the backroads and canyons surrounding it. But please, do not get trapped here.

In high school, your opportunities are endless. There’s a wide variety of classes you can take, clubs, sports, etc, etc. There is an infinite amount of universities or small colleges you could attend across the country, not to mention all around the world. Or you could choose UNR. Or find a nine-to-five or work at the mines. And before you know it, you’re forty, dropping off your teenager at the same high school you went to, wishing you had gotten out of here while you had a chance.

Don’t get me wrong, if you really want to stay here, all power to you. But if you’re trying to leave, go as fast as you can.

‘I don’t have the money’ isn’t a valid excuse. Money comes and goes. If you want to see the world, why not do it when you’re young and able? Are you really going to wait until you’re 60+, retired, and have old bones to see all the things this world has to offer?

Some of the best memories I have consisted of finding somewhere to go and just going. Getting lost in the middle of the night trying to find a way back to Reno. Spur of the moment adventures. My point is, do it now or you probably will never get around to it.

Sure, settling down is nice. Buying a home and starting a family is nice. As kids, we were all in a rush to grow up and for whatever reason, we still are. We’re still in a rush to fall in love and move into our first apartment, adopt a dog, and find something we’re passionate about. It’s okay to look forward to these things but you can’t keep looking forever. Please keep in mind you won’t be this young forever. These were the days we were dreaming about not too long ago. Experience all that you can while you have the chance and take in everything around you. Time is fleeting.

There’s absolutely nothing keeping you from moving across the country and experiencing life in a big city with new people, finding a new job, and making new friends. Absolutely nothing is in the way of changing your life completely.

Don’t settle for Winnemucca. Don’t settle for a boring job that you hate. Don’t settle for UNR. Don’t settle for a crappy apartment or a house that isn’t your dream home. Don’t settle for a muddy river when you’re dying for a taste of the ocean. Don’t settle.

Winnemucca will still be here.