Do’s & Don’ts

By Tanner Ames Posted February 19, 2014

Do read this whole newspaper; there are some pretty awesome things in it.

Don’t think that we won’t know if you read it, we know all.

Do have a life full of hilarity, as Granny always says, laughter is the best medicine.

Don’t be down on life. Be happy with what you have.

Do live life to the fullest.

Don’t think that that means saying YOLO after every sentence.

Do fabulous things in your life.

Don’t think that lying around watching TV and playing video games is fabulous. Well, it is, but not all the time. Anyway, don’t do it too much.

Do read a book once in a while. Those things have some pretty useful information in them.

Don’t stop believing. Hold on to that feeling.

Do sing that out loud, and when people look, just confirm that you’re reading the newspaper.

Do try to have at least one random outburst of laughter per week.

Don’t have that outburst during a test. You just might get in trouble.

Do as Spock said, “Live long and prosper”.

Don’t do stupid things. It could jeopardize things others really enjoy.

Do express yourself, sometimes the coolest person you can be is yourself.

Do be careful when on the internet, there are some pretty scary things out there.

Do like the many holidays there are. Sure most might not make any sense, but just think of all the breaks you get.

Don’t forget your elementary school years. You learn a lot, like it’s OK to take a nap in class.

Do enjoy this newspaper. We work really hard to make these articles.

Don’t let me tell you what to do.

Do have a nice day, and a nice week, why not a nice month? You know what? Have a nice year.