Glad to be gone

By Taylor LaTray & Justin Albright Posted December 18, 2013

What’s the difference between Lowry and a prison? Well, not much these days it seems. Lowry has recently changed many of their ways and these changes are anything but popular among the students. For this reason, we are so happy to be seniors and leave before things go south completely.

The newest changes to Lowry include the gates, locked fences, enforcement of attendance during proficiencies, ISE, and the possibility of so much more such as a closed campus lunch. If all these changes came so suddenly in the span of one year, imagine what will happen in years to come. The school will no longer be enjoyable, but in our eyes, a prison.

Not only has Lowry forced seniors to attend school during proficiencies, but this gives us an extra three or four days of school. Also, if you factor in that we have a shorter winter break and we graduate a week earlier you’ll realize they actually added days to the school year, but for what reasons?

Lowry has constantly said that they want to do what is best for the kids, but truly, do they care about us students? Or are they more worried about the budget? If they were honestly worried about the students, wouldn’t they ask us for input before making decisions that could alter our daily lives? These changes also cost Lowry an awful lot of money that could be used elsewhere to better improve the education of students or even more school activities.

Basically, it’s no secret that things are changing and will continue to change. However, if students opinions are voiced a compromise may be able to be made. Fortunately for the Class of 2014 these were the last changes we’ll have to endure, so good luck to all of you Buckaroos, make the best of it.