Hey Siri, Play ‘We Are The Champions’

Hey Siri, Play ‘We Are The Champions’

By Olivia Espinola, Alexis Galarza and Maddi McClure

According to first-year coach Jesse Zamudio the season has gone well and the players have learned a lot. Just last weekend the girls were in Las Vegas fighting for a state title, which they brought home with ease. The girls had a very successful season; they finished undefeated.

“The season has gone well as a whole,” said Zamudio. “The team has made great strides to improve their skills and build their chemistry.”

The girls have been working towards the common goal of the state title from the beginning, always giving every practice and game their all.

“They have worked hard and have earned their position at the top of the league,” said Zamudio.

Each player finds their own way to contribute to the team, but essentially, they all work together and come together as one on the court.

“Although we have dynamic individual players, the team has made it possible for us to be in the position we are in,” said Zamudio.

Each player comes to practice with a completely open mind. They strive to be the best they can while also helping motivate everyone around them.
“Each player has come to work every day, without complaint, and have pushed each other to be better,” said Zamudio

The team heavily relies on each other’s support to keep their determined character afloat. On the court, it is not hard to miss the chemistry and dynamic they all hold together.

“They have held themselves and each other accountable, and that is what makes them such a great and dangerous team,” said Zamudio.

Junior Kailey Franklin’s personal highlight of the season was going into the Spring Creek game when she was needed the most.

“The biggest highlight of my season was being able to go into a close game when the other girls were in foul trouble and are the asset my team needed,” said Franklin.

Franklin made the junior varsity team as a freshman and has since then been working towards varsity. Her sophomore year was unfortunately taken away because of covid. However, she enjoyed competing at the varsity level more.

“It’s a way different experience competing at that level,” said Franklin. “Everything is so much more intense and every single game counts, so it’s a lot of pressure.”

Savannah Stoker leads the state in scoring as just a sophomore; she has over 600 points total.
Stoker’s favorite part of the season was the bonding component.

“My favorite part of the season was all the memories, road trips, and games with the team,” said Stoker.

Being a state champion for Stoker was a surreal experience.

“I mean we all reached our goal at the end of the year and personally it’s awesome to be a part of something so special,” said Stoker.

The bonding aspect was major for other players as well. Jovi Kuskie, a senior, also enjoyed being able to play with her middle school teammates and loved watching herself and the others succeed to achieve the point they’re at. However, there were some lowlights to the season.

“This year I learned to persevere through tough times,” said Kuskie. “There were multiple times where we only had seven or eight of us at practice.”

Emily Backus, another senior, enjoyed taking the state title more than anything this season.

“My favorite part of the season was taking state, it was the same feeling that you get when you accomplish a goal,” said Backus.

This season, the varsity girls had the opportunity to visit Vegas multiple times. They participated in two tournaments in Vegas, and the state championship was also held in Vegas.

Junior Alexandra Barocio, enjoyed being able to go to Vegas and experience everything with her team.

“My favorite part of the season was going to Las Vegas and hanging out with the team,” said Barocio.
Unfortunately, for many on the state-winning team, the season went by too fast.

Over her four years of high school basketball, Kuskie has learned many things and is sad to leave the Buckaroo home court.

“All the trips with my best friends and playing on the court with them,” said Kuskie. “It’s been such a great four years and I’m so sad to see it go.”