How much homework is too much?

How much homework is too much?

By Austin Lloyd Posted November 13, 2018

Many students do not agree with teachers sending hours worth of homework home for them to do. Not all homework is bad if the homework is actually helping the students get more practice so they can get better grades, and if the homework is being graded.

Many teachers believe that an hour of homework every night is not bad, but when you add it to the other homework other teachers assign, now students have 2-3 hours of homework to do. A little homework here and there to make sure they understand the lesson is okay, but if it is assigned just for busy work, then it is not.

It has been found that homework can cause stress in young teens. Too much homework can also cause anxiety and depression. Students have little to no time as it is to spend time with their family or friends. If students have jobs, then they might not have time to get the homework they were assigned done, and if the work is not done, they turn it in, and their grade falls.

This is also true if the students are involved in athletics or other extracurricular activities. Teachers have more than enough time to give out time during class to do the assignments they want to be done. Most teachers assign homework at the end of class, which instead should be assigned at the beginning so that the students can discuss it with fellow classmates, and get any questions they may have answered.

Students should not be required to do their work at home. By eliminating or reducing homework, students’ lives would be more relaxed.