Is Wikipedia a bad source of information?

Is Wikipedia a bad source of information?

By Weston Irons Posted May 29, 2013

Throughout my school career, when I’m given an assignment that needs research, teachers don’t like students using Wikipedia. They claim that Wikipedia’s information is unreliable and outdated because it can be edited by the public. What they don’t know is Wikipedia’s information is very reliable.

First off, although anyone can edit information on Wikipedia it first must be approved by one of Wikipedia’s administrators. They check to see if the information is valid, before putting this edition on site. So the information will most of the time be true. Another reason why Wikipedia is great is because it is 100 percent free and gives students a wide array of knowledge and gives them any information they may need.

When you search some type of question or subject into Google most of the time the first result is a Wikipedia page. So if teachers don’t allow the use of this site they are eliminating information that students may need to finish their research papers. Personally, I use Wikipedia for the majority of my research, and many other students do as well. The information I have used from Wikipedia has never been wrong. Of course, it has its share of mistakes because the page has not yet been updated, but there is not a single site on the web that is 100% accurate with its information. I have found Wikipedia the most reliable.

This is why Wikipedia is a credible source and a good source for students to get their information. It has helped me a lot through my high school career and has also served the same purpose for millions of students worldwide.