Lowry Grads planning for their futures beyond high school

Lowry Grads planning for their futures beyond high school

By Adisson Baker Posted June 6, 2024

Sports are a great pathway for students to find colleges they may be interested in.

Billy DeLong, Alia Novi, Nadia Novi, Anthony Guzman, Savannah Stoker, Roan Hornbarger, Jessie Siddiqui, David Walker, Nathan Jeffries, and Maddison McClure have all signed up to play collegiately.

DeLong was given multiple offers for his great performance in rodeo, but he decided on a school that works for him and is excited to attend.

“New Mexico State University really stood out to me,” said DeLong “It was a great fit for me with rodeo and school.”

His rodeo coach gave him a great offer for the school and Delong is excited to attend.

Nadia Novi signed with the College of Idaho and is excited to attend.

“I signed for the College of Idaho in Caldwell,” said Novi. ”I really liked the smallness of the campus.”

She recently tried out and made the dance team and her parents are happy with the school she chose.

Guzman signed for Feather River College in California. 

“It’s close by and has everything I was looking for,” said Guzman, ”It’s exciting because I’ll get to meet new people.”

His football skills have given him a great opportunity for college and he is happy with his choice.

Nathan Jeffries signed with Gavilan College in Gilroy, California to play football.