Lowry teachers leaving to start new chapter

Lowry teachers leaving to start new chapter

By Nadia Novi Posted June 9, 2022

There are many teachers leaving Lowry High school this year. Mr. Dustin Christean, Ms. Angella McKinnon, Ms. Cherese Fifield, Ms. Marcel Johnson, Mr. Adam Sorenson, and Mr. Calvin Connors.

Dustin Christean is one of Lowry’s vice principal and he will be moving to Winnemucca Junior High to become their vice principal. Christean thinks much has been accomplished during his time at the school.

“I am very proud of what we have accomplished over the years including raising our graduation rate from 62% to 97% over the past seven years and the incredible efforts of the students and staff that have been part of that change,” said Christean. “I have a ton of great memories, including the state championships and outstanding performances of our student body across programs.”

McKinnon will be moving to Grass Valley Elementary school to teach 4th grade.

“I loved being a part of Lowry,” said McKinnon. “I had a lot of fun with the CLS classroom when I worked there, and I just love getting to know my students each year.”

McKinnon has been a part of the science team at Lowry. She has had many amazing times with her students over the years.

“My favorite times were just hanging out with my students, talking about their lives and interests, and watching them grow over the four years that they’re at Lowry.”

Johnson will be enjoying life and doing a ton of traveling when she leaves Lowry.

“I have had so many great memories but some of the best are getting to see students that I work with walk across the stage during graduation, seeing kids enjoying a moment that they thought they wouldn’t have,’’ said Johnson. “I have loved every minute working here.”

Sorenson will be following his wife while she is a traveling nurse.

“I am going to be taking time off to recharge and just take care of my family,” said Sorenson. “I loved my time at Lowry, it’s just time to step away and see what else is out there.”

Fifield will be going to FFMS to work in the nurse’s office as a health assistant.

“There are many wonderful memories here but the ones I will treasure are when the students come in and work on their portfolios for the MTC, on scholarships, FAFSA, or career research,” said Fifield. “Because it means they are actually utilizing the Career Center for what it is and have a plan for when they graduate.”

Connors will be moving to Fallon to teach at Oasis Academy. He is also going to coach basketball there.

“I would say my favorite memories revolve around coaching and spectating all the athletics at Lowry, ” said Connors. “Growing up in Winnemucca and graduating from Lowry was very impactful because of the teachers and coaches that I wanted to pursue this career and come back to my hometown to try and make a positive impact in a community that means the world to me. The number one thing I will miss most about this experience is working with my dad every day. He’s my hero and friend. I will miss this amazing school and community very much.”