Mr. Austin Mayo honored as Teacher of the Year 

Mr. Austin Mayo honored as Teacher of the Year 

By Olivia Espinola Posted May 19, 2022

Mr. Austin Mayo has been recognized for the work he does in the classroom as well as outside of it.

“Mr. Mayo has always been willing to help with anything that we need and has always done a great job not only in the classroom but also as a coach and as an advisor,” said Ray Parks

The award is humbling to Mayo who recognizes there are many good teachers at Lowry.

“Having attended Lowry as a student myself, I have a personal experience with the high level my colleagues are as educators so it makes me very honored and humbled to receive [the award],” said Mayo. “There are a lot of great teachers up here that I have spent my career aspiring to be like so being chosen for this award when there are so many other deserving options is a great experience.”

When COVID was still affecting schools and teachers they improved and learned new ways to help their students learn.   

“It opened our eyes to a lot of things and there are teachers who never used technology before using it now, being much more open to kids when they have other things going on,” said Mayo.

Mayo’s classes are in high demand.

“Students and parents regularly request to be in Mr. Mayo’s classes; a tribute to a teacher showing just how much students appreciate them,” said Parks