NASC State Student Council Conference

NASC State Student Council Conference

By Raven Black Posted February 28, 2013

Note: This article provided by Leadership.

Leadership state, the place where all our future leaders go to understand the true meaning of being a leader! This year’s state takes place in Elko. State rotates every year, but it was an open bid this time through and Elko won. Next year the north will host state.

During state, there is no relaxing. Everyone is always on the go, starting at 9 a.m. -10 p.m. The reason for this is there are more than 80 schools attending, so everything has to be perfectly organized. Each day is always something new, and each night you can barely talk from all the cheering. Last year we had numerous speakers that all had a different message to send out. There are also J.C. and workshop leaders. These leaders all teach us something new, the best part about it is playing the games. When you go to state it’s like being sent out to the wolves. You have to be on time with everything. You also have to know where everything is, which means talking to new people. I like this idea more because it helps all of us get used to talking to strangers and we become more independent.

When everyone meets together, the energy is so amazing that you never want to leave. Last year we never went through a dull moment. There is always cheering, dances, music, etc. All of the students that get to go are the student body officers and the class presidents. These students come back and teach their leadership students what they learned. Along with all the cheering and running around, we get to bond with our brother school. Our brother school is a different leadership class that we share information with or check up on. We also send gifts that are leadership related.

Leadership state, the place to be! Not only does it help students at school, but we can apply our knowledge in the real world. That’s why I encourage all of you to go to state.