Nevada warming up to the idea of same-sex marriage

Nevada warming up to the idea of same-sex marriage

By Rylee Mathis Posted April 17, 2013

Americans are being unfair about same-sex Gay marriage won’t even have a chance at becoming legalized in Nevada until 2017. Many voters in Nevada have recently shown that they support same-sex marriage, but the law would have to be approved this year, again in 2015 before going to voters in 2016. Only in nine states is same-sex marriage legal; Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, and Vermont. As many as 25 states are against same-sex marriage completely.

This is completely unjust. Gay couples should be able to decide whether or not they should get married. Furthermore, if a same-sex couple gets married and then moves to another state, I think that state should have to recognize their marriage. Unfortunately because of DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act), this isn’t the case.

Personally, I love gay people. I’m hoping to have gay children. I think homosexuals are delightful because they’re always so chipper and friendly (most of the ones I’ve met anyway); I’d love to have more gay friends. No matter what their gender, sexual preference, weight, hair color, ethnicity, etc. a person is a person. We should all have the same rights. Granted some rights are taken away from minors because we’re not skilled decision-makers until our brains are fully developed, but things like that make sense. It’s senseless to tell a person they can’t marry the person they love just because “the ‘Bible’ says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Not everyone takes the biblical standpoint, but it is very popular.

Some people claim to be okay with homosexuality but are just saying that to seem less intolerant. They say things like, “I’m okay with it; I just don’t want to see it.” Completely contradictory. When you ‘accept’ something, you accept all of it, with no exclusions. Telling a gay friend that you don’t want to see them ‘being gay’ is like telling someone you don’t want to see their personality. It’s time to change your views about this, people. Whether you like it or not, homosexuals exist; they’re just as important as the rest of us and should be treated so.

It’s unfair that two people who don’t like each other or who cheat get to be married but two people who genuinely love and treat each other well don’t. Gay marriage should be legalized in every state. Everyone deserves equal rights and everyone deserves to commit to someone they love for the rest of their life.