Online School: Is it any better?

Online School: Is it any better?

By Adara Arias Posted November 13, 2018

In today’s society, online schooling is becoming more and more popular; whether it is due to the advancements in technology or the simple dislike for public schools. For years, there has been a constant debate if online schooling is actually as efficient or effective as a public school.

As somebody who has enrolled in online schooling, I can say that it’s definitely not the answer. While it seems like a good idea, due to the fact that you can wake up whenever you want or that you can work at your own pace, it is not. For the most part, I never moved from my bed which caused me to take way too many naps. After a month or two, I started to get very lonely because I wasn’t seeing my friends every day anymore. Realistically, the only time I had better than a C in any of my classes was the first week of school. Try taking a foreign language class, googling all the answers, and then taking a verbal test. Yeah, not fun.

Some would argue that students don’t receive the needed attention at public schools. Most of the time that is not true. It is the student themselves who is too scared to ask for help but don’t want to admit it so they blame their failure on the teacher. If parents feel this way about classes with 20-30 students, I don’t see how classes with more than 100 students are better.

Most of the time, we learn better with the hands-on activities. Unfortunately, typing out math problems over and over is nowhere near the same. In all reality, there is a much higher chance of students cheating and learning little to nothing; the reason is there is no way for the teachers to track their web history.

Also, the transition from online schooling back to public schooling is possibly one of the hardest transitions. As mentioned before, most of the time you don’t learn anything so when you go back to public school, you’re completely lost and have a hard time catching up with your fellow classmates. Not only are you behind your classmates, but you’ve also lost many needed social skills to live in the real world. Not being able to talk to your peers or ask teachers for help, can have a huge effect on your communication skills for the rest of your life.

Online schooling seems like a good idea and it is for people who are willing to put enough effort in. More often than not, many enroll just to avoid waking up early and to stay at home all day. But the reality is, that online school just leads to poor grades, little to no education, and very poor social skills.