Parents are the reason to blame for educational drop off

Parents are the reason to blame for educational drop off

By Brody Goucher  Posted December 16, 2015

Let’s face it America, our education system is broken and if we don’t act fast to fix it then America is going to start falling behind further than we already are in more ways than just test scores.

Who are the ones to blame for America’s teens doing so poorly on tests like the ACT and SAT? Everyone is blaming teachers, when in reality parents are the ones failing their kids. According to “U.S. News” 23 percent of high school dropouts cited that there was little to no encouragement or support at home from their parents, which is the reason why they dropped out. News flash parents, you are the number one reason why students drop out, so let’s stop blaming teachers and administrators when you are the ones largely at fault.

America is not even close in math, reading, and science standardized test scores to other countries. The US ranks 14th in overall education while countries like South Korea, Japan, and even Canada, all rank in the top 10 above America according to Pearson Education. How are we as a country supposed to sustain being the world’s superpower when even kids in Canada are smarter than those in America?

While there are certainly issues with America’s educational system, there are problems in every system and the one thing parents can control is themselves and their kids. Make sure your child is actually doing their homework and if they simply don’t get it then have them stay after school, believe it or not, teachers actually do want to help their students no matter how much you’ve heard about how all teachers are idiots and just fail your kids for no reason.

It’s time to stop looking for other people to blame and own up, parents are the number one problem with our education system, so if your child is failing classes or dropping out then take a look at yourself as a parent.