Senior-Freshman team shuts out Sophomore-Junior

Senior-Freshman team shuts out Sophomore-Junior

By Madison Waldie  Posted October 12, 2011

Powderpuff is a way for girls to not only show their athletic abilities on the football field but to also have an excuse to occasionally take out their anger on another girl.

It was a Monday night for the seniors to remember during their last homecoming, and they let the freshman go along for the ride. The seniors and freshman were applying the pressure on the junior-sophomore team the entire night and scored one touchdown in each half to be crowned the 2011 Powderpuff Champions by a final score of 12-0.

Senior Betsy Guerrero provided the only scoring of the night. The first touchdown was on a short pass from Heather McElvain in the first half, and the second touchdown was scored on a 90-yard interception run by Guerrero to give us the final scoring play of the evening. Both extra point attempts were unsuccessful.

From there, both teams let the clock run out and the senior’s offense all night and it hurt them because they were not able to keep up with the athleticism of the senior-freshman team.

Most of the entertainment during the game was brought to the spectators by the cheerleaders, all of whom were teenage boys dressed in skirts and had stuffed their shirts.

“The powderpuff game needs to be longer and we need to play tackle football, other than that we had a great time as a school, showcasing our athletic abilities and proving that girls can play sports and look good while doing it,” said senior Kayla Doyle.