Should we get more passing time in the halls between classes?

By Alyssa Campbell Posted January 30, 2014

Between classes, we each get five minutes to get to our next class. However, that time period is not any different for someone who has to go all the way to the other side of the school for a class and most teachers don’t make exceptions. These tardy rules either need to change, or we need more passing time between our classes.

Our school has a very short time period for a student to get to their class. Students are supposed to be able to get from class to class but also are supposed to be able to go to the bathroom and to their locker in that five-minute period. It is almost impossible to do all of the things in between classes.

Teachers would have more time to prepare and get ready for their class period if they had more time between their classes. We should have about 8 to 10 minutes of time between every class period. Of course, getting more time between classes could mean the school day would be longer and more kids might be messing around, but these setbacks would be worth having more passing time.

Tardies have always been an issue and the punishments for them are very strict, including lunch detention and in-house suspensions. Teachers and administrators would see a huge improvement in the number of tardies if we had more passing time.

This would be a benefit for everyone including teachers and students, and this change would overall be better for our school.