Spring Do’s and Don’ts

By Danica Colman Posted March 10, 2023

The Spring season is finally approaching, so bust out your spring wardrobe for a time of warmth. This season students are eager for spring because it means it’s closer to summer and the end of the school year! (Let’s go!!) So here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do this spring.

Do: Put away the winter coats, and trade them in with the shorts and skirts. 

Don’t: Wear long sleeves, and long pants… show off the cute outfits!

Do: Start beginning to work on your flower or vegetable garden. 

Don’t: Spend your savings on summer clothes… Yet.

Do: Put away your scarves, mittens, and boots and tuck them away behind the shelf. 

Don’t: Stay inside all day, it’s beautiful outside.

Do: Use sunscreen, it’s bright outside. 

Don’t: Wear a snowsuit, you’ll probably get heatstroke

Do: Go out and jump in muddy puddles, when it rains of course.

Don’t: Be a hermit and stay in bed wallowing away.

Do: Take a moment and smell the beautiful scent of the pretty flowers.

Don’t: Avoid friends. Hang out with them, and keep the bond.