Student-Athlete of the Year: Nomar Aguirre

Student-Athlete of the Year: Nomar Aguirre

By Ally Green Posted June 6, 2024

Normar Aguirre is a two-sport athlete who has shown his dedication throughout his years in high school. He has done both football and track all four years, however, if he had to pick a favorite it would have to be track.

“Nomar’s work ethic and dedication to his events sets him apart from other athletes. He practices year-round and has a fitness program set up to help him improve,” said Coach Byron Jeppsen. “He is also a student of the discus and shot put, always researching information that he can apply to his own throwing.”

“I do football and track, my overall favorite would definitely be track for sure,” said Aguirre who could not play football this year due to injury. “Being able to improve individually would probably be my favorite part of track. The events I do are shot put and discus.”

Aguirre more than just participates in shot put and discus. This year he won state in both events again, repeating his result from his junior year. He was also on the podium his sophomore year with 3rd and 4th place finishes. Even with these impressive accomplishments Aguirre was taken by surprise and was excited about the fact that he will was Student-Athlete of the Year.

“I did not know I was athlete of the year,” said Aguirre. “I wasn’t expecting it, I think it’s pretty cool and surprising at the same time.”

Nomar Aguirre competes in the shot put at the Don and Lynda Lowry Invitational. /Allison Green • The Brand
Nomar Aguirre competes in the shot put at the Don and Lynda Lowry Invitational. /Allison Green • The Brand

For being a two-sport athlete, he definitely has a favorite. It being an individual sport, it allows Aguirre to improve on all sorts of strengths, physically as well as mentally.

“The coaches are always pushing you to be better, not just in the sport but individually, so it’s always nice to have that kind of support,” said Aguirre. “David Walker always had higher expectations for his line and especially being the center, as well as the guard, he really pushes you, so that’s pretty cool.”

According to Coach Jeppsen, Aguirre was a joy to coach and was always willing to listen to recommendations.

“He was a team leader and he helped me work with the newer throwers,” said Jeppsen. “He doesn’t just have a talent for throwing, but a talent for teaching and coaching the throwing events.”

Support coming from both sports has helped Aguirre improve on his skills throughout the seasons. Not only coaches but players as well have lent their knowledge to build each other up.

“A lot of individual things you have to improve on not just by doing the sports, but things you do outside,” said Aguirre. “Like you have to take into consideration activities like the gym, and relationships.”

There are a lot of aspects when participating in a sport. Many include having a good mindset as well as being able to engage in different events and pushing yourself to exceed your goals.

“So basically outside of focusing on sports I usually hang out with friends or do outside activities like fishing or hiking,” said Aguirre. “I also like going to the gym or hanging with family but other those simple hobbies help me disconnect from sports”

Other than sports, Aguirre is interested in outdoor activities to involve himself in the environment as well as being able to involve himself in activities that reduce the stress of sports or school by staying active with friends or family.

Nomar Agurre competes in a throwers relay at the Battle Mt. Meet. /Eli Long • The Brand
Nomar Agurre competes in a throwers relay at the Battle Mt. Meet. /Eli Long • The Brand