The Lowry Bucks show their pride during Homecoming Week

The Lowry Bucks show their pride during Homecoming Week

By Chloe Bice, Audry Mason and Kailey Franklin

This year’s homecoming was This or That, it consisted of picking one of the other. The students at LHS went all out dressing up their best to go with the different themes.

Kicking off the first day of the week was barbecue dad or soccer moms On Tuesday we had was wear Crocs-n-Socks or Socks-n-Sandals. Students dressed for success or in pajamas on Wednesday. Thursday Hoco spirit day four, Adam Sandler or Mr. Worldwide. Finally to end the week without Lowry pride blue and gold Friday’s pep assembly. 

The students voted for the homecoming king and queen this year with seniors Lance Brinegar and Mia Hernandez taking the crowns. The dance was held on Saturday, October 15 in the New Gym. This dance was a banger with lots of people showing up to dance the night away.

Students showed out and wore the best outfits they could put together. 

“My favorite dress-up day was the Adam Sandler day. I got to wear comfy clothes for the whole day,” said Jackie Sanchez.

Some friends decided to dress up as the same thing, while others decided to compete against each other.

Teachers enjoyed watching students go above and beyond when creating their outfits. 

“I liked the Adam Sandler day because I am a big Adam Sandler fan,” said Mr. Brett Westmoreland. “He is one of the best actors in today’s day and age.”

Some teachers also participated in each of the dress-up days including Mr. Grant Beatty and Ms. Kristen Flanders who wore their pajamas on Pajama Day. They couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear pajamas to work.

Lowry Leadership put in a lot of time and dedication to make this week successful and fun for all of the students here at Lowry. The pep assembly wrapped up the entire week filled with He-Man, Powderpuff and sports. Cheer and dance performed at halftime. The cheer team spent many hours practicing for there to be a great presentation. Ben Briseno a captain on the varsity team led them to practice before and after school and sometimes on Saturdays. 

“After, we felt relieved and accomplished of what we had presented to everyone,” said Briseno.

“I loved seeing everyone’s costumes and outfits for homecoming week,” said sophomore exchange student Sofie Darmer. “My favorite dress-up day was for sure Pitbull or Adam Sandler day, It was fun to see how everyone is dressed.”

It was especially special for her seeing as it was her first homecoming ever as an exchange student from Denmark.

“Homecoming is something I never got to experience before and it’s something I’ll never forget,” said Darmer. “Being there and dancing with my friends at the dance was an amazing experience.”

Another student at Lowry, freshman Azriel Armejo, shared his thoughts on the week as well.

“Homecoming was definitely a step up from the junior high stuff. Everything was a lot more intense but in a good way,” said Armejo. “The Pitbull or Adam Sandler dress-up day was probably the best, seeing the way people dressed was super funny.”

The Homecoming football game was played against Spring Creek. Lance Brinegar and Mia Hernandez were crowned king and queen. They participated in the pep assembly activities as well as the other candidates. 

“It felt very good to win, I didn’t think I would win with Simmons,” said Brinegar. “The game during the assembly was a lot of fun going against friends.”

Hernandez will always remember the feeling of winning and appreciates all the work leadership put into the activities. 

“All the love and support I felt from the students and my family was unreal and something I could never forget, and I am so thankful for being able to experience it,” said Hernandez.

The Buckaroos competed in many activities like he-man volleyball and powderpuff cheer and football to gain points towards their class for the end of the year. Juniors are in 4th place with 375 points, sophomores in 3rd with 400 points, freshmen in 2nd with 425 points, and seniors take the lead with 525 points. 

Freshmen Ryan Bales and Txema Beongochea jump for the ball in a He-Man volleyball match against the juniors. /Alexa Toscano • The Brand

Nadia Novi poses for a picture in her soccer mom outfit. /Alexis Galarza • The Brand

Freshmen Connor Peterson, Txema Bengochea, and Maddex Hislop point at the camera with their crocs and sandals. /Alexa Toscano • The Brand 

Juniors show off their school spirit by participating in the homecoming parade to represent their class. /Ron Espinola • The Brand  

Ms. Parker stands outside her classroom to show off her “Dress for Success” outfit. /Cylie Spriet • The Brand 

Freshmen and seniors stand together before going out onto the field to play a game of powderpuff football. /Jovi Anderson • The Brand 

Chloe Bice and Keira Garner show off their best Pitbull and Adam Sandler outfits. /Alexa Toscano • The Brand 

Raymond Diaz shows his Lowry pride by wearing his LHS cheer uniform to school. /Kailey Franklin • The Brand 

The senior section goes crazy during the Homecoming Pep Assembly. /Elizabeth Carrillo • The Brand 

Logan Jonas sends the ball over the net in a match against the seniors during He-Man Volleyball. /Alexa Toscano • The Brand 

The 2022 Homecoming Royal Court rides through the Homecoming Parade. /Ron Espinola  •The Brand 

Freshmen Maria Palacios, Yocelyn Perez and Audry Mason show their participation on Blue and Gold Day through festive face painting. /Lainey Novacek • The Brand 

Ariana Diaz and Litzi Silva Ramirez wear matching pajama pants for Dress for Success or Pajama Day. /Tony Harness • The Brand  

Powderpuff royalty Chandler Lewiter and  Destiny Medicine Cloud at halftime during the powderpuff game. /Jovi Anderson •The Brand 

Vanessa Lott and Natalie Pacheco dress as opposites for Soccer Mom or BBQ Dad Day. /Danielle Scott • The Brand 

Varsity cheerleaders put on a show during the Homecoming Pep assembly to energize the crowd for the upcoming game. /Elizabeth Carrillo • The Brand