Video gaming as a high school sport

Video gaming as a high school sport

By Chuckie Wiggins Posted April 26, 2019

There is a new high school sport eight schools have a varsity level for. Competitive video game playing is the newest form of athletics. The idea of video games being a sport is crazy because a few years ago video games were just for fun and no one took them competitively.

To this day, many people get paid to play games and if someone’s good at it, why shouldn’t they? The amount of people that play video games today is a huge number. Many people have made it their life to play games and they get paid for it. Kids could take their passion for video games and pursue a career.

Today’s generation is moving in a different direction than older generations did. The lifestyles of kids today and kids 30 years ago are not similar at all. 30 years ago, kids went outside to play. Nowadays, kids play on their smartphones and tablets. Today’s society is going in the direction of technology and it never had so many older generations see it as an issue.

Professional gamers stream on many platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Teenagers can start in high school if they are interested in and like video games and pursue their dreams of playing professionally. If you can make money while doing what you love, then why not go for it?

High schools should be encouraged to follow and start a competitive video game sport. It’s a great idea and many kids would be interested. A variety of kids love playing games. Video games are becoming a part of everybody’s daily lives.